Therapy in the form of baking

Chronic Illness, Life Style

Life has been a bit unexpected the last few months. We got home and settled with my daughter after our two week hospital stay and a stress filled period at Seattle Children’s Hospital. She is slowly working her way back to health.
We were all getting back in the groove and preparing for a much needed vacation. Then, I learned I was pregnant and we got so excited thinking about adding a sweet new baby to the family. Due to not feeling well, I made a few visits to my dr and it was discovered my pregnancy was ectopic…..we were supposed to leave for Disney World the next morning at 7am.
I was treated in the emergency room and then rested in bed for two days while my family began vacation….I practically kicked them out the door insisting that they not miss the fun. My mom came and took care of me and I slept and slept and slept.
Today, I was cleared by my dr to go on vacation. I still have resting to do and orders to take it easy…..but I get to go.
Last night I was needing some therapeutic time in the kitchen. I turned on my Pandora radio and got to baking. It was relaxing, my kitchen smelled wonderful, and I was able to create something beautiful and warm. It was reassuring to know how scientific baking is and how artistic it can be at the same time. The kitchen is my place, things usually go well there. It is a safe haven where I have some input on the way a product will turn out.
I am now waiting for my flight and anxiously awaiting the warm Florida sun and a hug from my family.
Prayerfully, we will all stay healthy for a while.
Thank you so much for keeping up with me via this blog. 1,000 followers this week. That is something exciting to celebrate.

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