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Thanks for joining me back here for my {31 Days} series.  I am going to be spending 31 days sharing what my days look like as a homemaker.  Some days I will write about my favorite books, and some days I will give you a glimpse of our daily routine.  There is nothing concrete about this series for me, other than the fact that I will be writing for 31 days.  Its a good practice for me.

Today I want to tell you a little about the days that I spend at therapy with Nora.  You can read about her MedFlight to Seattle Children’s Hospital and a small overview of her first 2 years of health.  

Nora has been participating in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy since she was 5 months old.  Currently she does one hour of swimming therapy on Monday, and one hour of OT and one hour of PT on Wednesdays.  This summer she got to try Equine Therapy (Hippotherapy) and we plan to sign up for that again soon.  Nora loves swimming and horses.

On Mondays I take her to Eagle Mount.  Its a beautiful facility for recreational therapy.  Their slogan is “Everyone has limitations. We have adventures.”  She gets to hop in the pool and work hard while she feels like she is having the best time playing.  Doing her exercises in the water is so good for her joints and helps her gain core strength without putting so much pressure on her shoulders and hips.  I get to sit in the lounge with huge windows and watch her work.  I take a hot latte and a book and I enjoy the minute to sit.

On Wednesdays she has PT and OT back to back in the morning.  On leisurely days I get to sit and chat with one of the moms who has become so dear to me. I love to sit in the chairs in the lobby and offer a smile and small talk with the new moms who are bringing their child in for the first time.  They don’t know that the coffee pot is upstairs.  They don’t know that they can go back early and feed the fish and draw on the color boards.  Its a new world for them, and I was once there.  I enjoy meeting the other moms who are taking on therapy days just as I am.

On busy days, I try to run to the grocery store, the bank, and the post office to check items off my to-do list.  Having a schedule filled with therapies and doctor appointments is very similar to having days filled with dance lessons and soccer practice.  Its just a different kind of activity.  This is the phase we are in and we just go with it.

Therapy is just normal for us.  We don’t get to go to play dates and every toddler activity in town because we have appointments frequently.  But let me tell you, we have developed some great friends and the toddlers and parents we spend time with at therapy are our friends.  They are the moms that know that I DO NOT like doing dishes and will avoid it at all costs.  They are the toddler friends that Nora talks about as we drive to and from our appointments.  Its a community like any other.  We are all there because we have something in common.  Yet different diagnoses make us all gather round and cheer on little successes.  One day Nora won’t have 3 hours of therapy a week.  And then, we will join a different community of friends.  I am enjoying this place the The Lord has us and I am glad to learn from it.

Does your child attend therapy of any kind?  What is your experience with making it fit in to your days and weeks?

See you all tomorrow!  I will be joining up with some friends for Friday Introductions.  You get to learn a little more about me.



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