Not a DETOUR, but the road of my life

Chronic Illness

πŸ’•It’s true. Even when being faced with my body never being healed, I still have so much joy and anticipation looking toward my future. Being healed or “healthy” will not determine how I view life or my opportunities. This is simply my new normal. My “just how it is”. I’m not “dancing in the storm”, I’m living a life of beauty. Everyone has trials, mine just look different. Writing a post on how I got here and how I keep reminding myself that God made me beautifully well and with a purpose. Health and wealth do not define purpose. πŸ’•

When I first got sick, I assumed in a week or so I would feel better.  Then after a week, it was a doctor appointment.  Then it was waiting and seeing specialists.  Before I knew it, I was off to a series of appointments and testing at Mayo Clinic.
The entire time I kept telling myself this was just a bump in the road and I would be better and back to my normal fast-paced life.  But then after many months and tests and procedures and such, it was becoming very apparent that this was NOT just a bump in the road.  It wasn’t a detour.  It IS the road.  It is the new normal.  It is hard to accept that sometimes (because, how weird!).
So many people ask me about being cured.  It just won’t happen, but I certainly am managing well and have found a few great ways to keep my life moving along.  I still have issues where my treatments don’t manage the issues.  I still regularly go to Mayo Clinic.  But this is becoming the normal, the regular, and just what I am getting used to incorporating into my life.
This is not just a bump in the road.
This is not a detour.
This IS the road.
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