My Insides Are Now My Outsides *and how are you?*

Blogging, Chronic Illness

In the realm of medical happenings, so much has taken place for me. I traveled to Mayo in Phoenix this winter and had a big old surgery that made my insides my outsides.

Ie…I now have an ileostomy. Yep, a bag taped to my side, under my clothes, all-day, every day. I’ve even talked my twin sister into touching said intestines…and she was only slightly creeped out. I think the science teacher in her found it fascinating. But one generally shouldn’t just be feeling internal organs on a living person……weird!

I’ve done pretty well with the recovery and whatnot. I still get my regular infusions 3 times a week. It’s practically a part-time job and I just adore my nurses! It’s like spending time with friends 3 times a week (totaling about 12 hours each week).

Since it is summer and school is out, each of my kiddos gets to come with me for an infusion and have some special mom time. We all love it! Currently, I am using the time to teach Nora how to crochet, I am working on Harrison’s Christmas stocking while he learns to be still and focused on an activity, and Verity is gladly sewing on any project she can find.

I have one more big surgery coming up, but I am very confident that all will go well, just as before. I am feeling strong and I have the most amazing support system. I have learned so much about accepting help from others, and how that TRULY is a way to live in community with others.

Let’s keep in touch, find me over on Instagram @JoyfulMomma.

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