My Hope

Chronic Illness

I had about 2 weeks where I had no new appointments, no new “scares”, nothing new to look in to. It was cruise control. It was maintenance. Then a busy week hit.  6 medical appointments. Adjusting and switching medications. A biopsy that left me with stitches.  Sedation and injections in my neck to treat herniated discs.  I’ve been napping each day this week as I have been extra tired.

 The Lord continues to stretch me. And right now the stretching is painful.

I like the weeks that I feel like I have a normal schedule.  3 medical appointments and nothing else.  Just house chores and errands and going on walks.  Playing with my kids.  Date night with my husband.  Each little bit of normalcy is such a treat.

God’s hold on my life is steady and consistent even when everything around me is shifting, moving, and unstable.

I’ve now been doing infusions 3 days each week for several months.  And it feels like a really good routine.  I know the nurses and the staff.  I have become friendly and acquainted with other patients.  The girls get to come with me on Saturday mornings and we make it “fun mom time”.  From the outside, I am a healthy looking lady with energy and a smile.  That is the side I enjoy showing.  When others are close and in my “world” they get to see the whole picture.  And that is just the way I like it.

While treatments and diagnosis ebb and flow.  The outcomes shift and change.  But, “He then is my hope and stay.”

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