Best Shows on Netflix for Kids


With Summer in full swing, my kids are enjoying watching afternoon shows.  We work hard in the morning with chores, errands, and a little school work.  And we usually go on a walk before the air gets too warm.  After lunch, it is quiet time and naps.  My kiddos LOVE to watch shows on Netflix and we have found so many great options.

I am pretty particular and very intentional about what shows and movies my kids watch.  We don’t like shows with bad attitudes toward parents or friends.  We don’t like fighting and bickering in shows either.  Unity and kindness are important to us.

My kids LOVE the shows that they can learn something new.  We all like watching documentaries about new places around the world.  We have learned how to decorate cakes, make slime, and have gathered new decorating and organizing inspiration from shows.

I remember when I was about 10, I loved to watch Little House on the Prarie.  I would then spend hours and hours on the weekend pretending I was Laura and living in the wild west.  It is really fun to see my kids watch shows now and play those characters with great imagination as well.

Here is a list of our favorite shows and movies on Netflix to watch with kids.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again.  This is a revamp on the original and all 3 of my kids enjoy this show.  They learn so much and the characters have great attitudes and work together to problem solve.

Planet Earth and Planet Earth 2.  The cinematography in this is phenomenal.  My kids have watched both of these more than once.

The Who Was Show.  This is a silly take on historical figures.  We all got a laugh and learned a good deal.

Octonauts.  We love this show.  It has been a favorite of ours for several years.  My kids adore the characters and they learn about science easily.

Super Wings.  The friendships and teamwork in this show are really what makes me like it as a parent.  The fact that they are all rescue planes is what draws my son to this show over and over.

Super Why!  This one is all about words, spelling, and vocabulary.  Young kids have a lot of fun with this show and will be trying out new words before you know it.

Story Bots.  Such a great show all about asking questions and finding the answers.  Kids are curious creatures and this one will keep them i

These next few shows are not on Netflix but we watch them on Amazon.

Odd Squad.  Talk about silly and fun!  They solve problems and have great jokes, and my girls just love this show.

Wild Kratts.  Have a child who likes learning about animals?  This is a hit!  We’ve been enjoying this one for about 4 years now!




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