Because I REFUSE to do it all……

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Lets talk about Pinterest.  I love it.  I love the ideas that are shared and the recipes to try.  I like seeing new ways to organize that I would have never thought of on my own.   But let me tell you, I certainly don’t let Pinterest whisper little lies of insufficiency in my ears.  There is a strange thing going on in our culture right now.  By being able to share so much via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs…..and so on, there is a very strong sense of discontentment and need for more.  To do more, to have more, to BE more.  I REFUSE to fall in to this.  I am currently sitting at my dining room table where lunch has yet to be cleaned up.  There is a bouncy ball at my feet and a basket of laundry on the couch.  I still have mail that isnt filed away nicely, and my freezer isnt organized nicely with meals upon meals ready for the next 6 weeks.

Now, I do like having my house clean and organizied, and I strive for that.  But I don’t worry myself with perfection or having the house that is shown on Pinterest.  It is well known that I love to cook and I do like to keep meals in the freezer…..but I am in a phase where that just isnt reality.

That’s the thing…..I have young kids.  This is my phase.  Instead of rushing to clean up lunch, we moved to the other end of the table to sneak in a game of Crazy 8’s before nap time.  And at nap time…..GASP….I usually nap.  But it does come at the price of perfection in my home.  And I love this phase.  There are moments that I wont get back.  I have the choice to strive for what I see all around me via social sites, or I can tune in at my own kitchen table and read snowy day books to the girls while my 18 month old spills oatmeal trying to perfect the art of feeding herself.

I want to be a source of encouragement……not another place to feel discontent by what is seen.  If you are in a phase of a busy house full of kids, enjoy… is messy, it is fun, it goes by too fast.

If you are in a phase not yet in this, enjoy all the extra time for craft projects and organizing and freezer meal prepping.  I am sure you are blessing those around you with great things. 

If you are in a phase past little kids, encourage the young moms around you.  Take freezer meals and offer to come share your time to clean.  I guarantee it will be happily accepted. 

So, play the extra board game and eat PB&J.  Let the little ones enjoy an extra long bath time and play in the water with them……your tv shows and computer can wait.  Don’t beat yourself up with what you see around you.  Hunker down and hold tight. 







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