A Quiet Update

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It is now the first of April and we are really getting into our groove of embracing quiet.  I am adding a new element this month for my entire family.  We are doing a screen free April.  And while this won’t mean for quiet necessarily in the sense of noise and activity, it will surely quiet the noise of distraction. 

It is really fun to see what they find to entertain themselves. 

Usually, on the weekends my kids love to get up and watch a show or play on the iPad.  Today, I found them downstairs rehearsing a full musical show complete with costumes.  Yesterday, they were playing a board game after breakfast.  

I will admit, when I chose April as our screen free month, I anticipated a tiny bit warmer weather and a little more play time outside.  Well…..not in Montana this year.  We have gotten tons of new snow, rain showers that turn the ground to solid ice, and plenty of wind.  So outside hasn’t been an easy go-to option this time around.  We take full advantage when we can, and then they just get to have all kinds of inside fun.

For me personally, I have gotten back to reading. 

I am reading a wonderful book called Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist.  I am absolutely loving it and it is inspiring my cooking!  I have a few books on my list to read next, but I really hope to be turning to audiobooks again soon with some evening walks.

We did break our rule earlier this weekend when we all decided to watch The Greatest Showman.  It was a great choice and the kids LOVED it.  Clint and I have seen it several times and the kids love the soundtrack already.  It was so fun to watch together and see the kids get totally absorbed in the music and fun.  Have you seen it yet?!

I don’t know what is next as far as “quiet” goes.  Each month I have enjoyed taking time to look back at how “quiet” has entered my life and what is working.

How are your 2018 goals shaping up?  I would love to hear your victories and your goals.

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