My Hope

Chronic Illness

I had about 2 weeks where I had no new appointments, no new “scares”, nothing new to look in to. It was cruise control. It was maintenance. Then a busy week hit.  6 medical appointments. Adjusting and switching medications. A biopsy that left me with stitches.  Sedation and injections in […]

A Quiet Update

Life Style

It is now the first of April and we are really getting into our groove of embracing quiet.  I am adding a new element this month for my entire family.  We are doing a screen free April.  And while this won’t mean for quiet necessarily in the sense of noise […]

Working Backward To Find A Diagnosis

Chronic Illness

Working backward to get to the diagnosis.    In June I started having severe stomach pain, nausea and feeling dizzy. And I’m not talking about a stomach ache like having a virus or food poisoning.  I am talking about “drop me to the floor pain” with chills, sweating, and feeling […]

Why A Food Blog?

Blogging, Home

My purpose for having a food blog is not really about food. I don’t have this big idea of food or how it should look, or how it should taste, or the proper way to do any sort of the food preparation. The purpose behind creating a food blog and […]


Life Style

2017 was about being strong.  Being a warrior.  Fighting for my health and for joy.  2017 was so much about holding on for dear life, praising The Lord for His goodness, trusting Him in fear and pain and weakness.  But it was a BIG year.  I hope to never repeat […]

Finding JOY in the everyday mundane

Chronic Illness, Family, Life Style

My specialty is finding the joy in simple things. Some people are never given that kind of clarity or take the time to reflect on what is really really important and special.  It really is a gift hidden deep in the muck and mire of illness.  When others join in our life, I want them to go away feeling encouraged, hopeful, inspired, and strong.

7 Things I wish I knew before I started blogging


I started my blog back in 2011 when blogging was SO different.  Pinterest had barely just come on the scene and they had a waitlist to join.  Many things about blogging has changed, but there are certainly some important things that have stayed the same.  In the last 6 years, […]

Kids in the Kitchen {beginners tips}

Family, Home

Having kids help in the kitchen is really messy.  And for the first few attempt, make sure you are wearing airy clothing.   Watching a 3 year old learn to crack an egg will make you sweat.  Ask them to use a whisk and you will be fanning yourself.  I’m […]

Chores For Kids

Family, Home

There are about a bazzillion charts and lists you can find about age appropriate chores. I don’t have that here. I do have advice on helping kids get started with chores and take responsibility for a certain task. Other than helping put dirty clothes in the basket and helping pick […]